Why I Want to Be the “Mayor of Southeast Asia”

Being the “Mayor of Southeast Asia” might sound like a made-up job, but the idea behind it is serious.

Southeast Asia is one of the fastest-growing regions in the world, and it’s full of exciting business opportunities and inspiring untold stories. Here’s why I’m passionate about this role.

First off, the economies in Southeast Asia are booming. Countries like Vietnam, The Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia where I’m from are on the rise, offering huge potential for businesses.

New industries are popping up, and markets are expanding. This means there are plenty of chances to start new ventures, invest in growing companies, and create jobs.

As the “Mayor,” I would focus on sharing the stories of this growth, so that it’s sustainable and benefits everyone.

The diversity in Southeast Asia is amazing. With so many different cultures, languages, and traditions, the region is a melting pot of ideas and creativity.

This diversity can drive innovation and unique business solutions that appeal to both local and global markets. I want to support initiatives that celebrate and utilize this cultural richness, helping businesses to thrive in this vibrant environment.

There are also countless untold stories of hardworking people and innovative entrepreneurs in Southeast Asia. From small villages developing eco-friendly farming techniques to young tech startups creating cutting-edge apps, these stories are inspiring and deserve to be highlighted.

Mang Inasal

As the “Mayor,” I would make it a priority to share these stories with the world, showcasing the incredible talent and determination found here.

Also, Southeast Asia is in a great location. It’s right in the middle of major shipping routes and connects easily to both the East and the West.

This makes it a perfect spot for international trade. By improving infrastructure and trade policies, I would like ti highlight that Southeast Asia is an even more important hub for global business.

ASEAN Centre of Entrepreneurship

When I worked at MaGIC (Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativity Centre) in Cyberjaya, Malaysia a few years ago, I was part of the ASEAN Centre of Entrepreneurship team.

We were responsible to build the tech ecosystem in Southeast Asia. We connected all the ecosystem builders and ran entrepreneurship programs throughout the region.

In short, being the “Mayor of Southeast Asia” represents a commitment to supporting economic growth, celebrating cultural diversity, and boosting trade.

The future is bright for Southeast Asia, and I’m excited to help it become a key player in the world economy through the stories that I will share on my social media platforms, while also shining a light on the many inspiring stories that make this region so special.

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