The Importance of Connecting the Dots: Lessons from Steve Jobs

In the world of innovation and success, the ability to connect the dots is a valuable skill that sets apart exceptional individuals. Connecting the dots involves drawing meaningful connections between seemingly unrelated ideas or experiences, leading to novel insights and breakthroughs. One individual who exemplified this skill was the late Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple …

Richard Ker on BFM

Should Storytellers and Businesses Forget About Twitter?

I had the opportunity to talk about the social media industry on BFM88.9 and we covered topics such as Twitter, TikTok, branding and the future of media. Listen here on Spotify: Follow me on my social media for stories and tips on marketing, technology, entrepreneurship and mindset.

Digital Marketing & SEO Specialist in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Digital Marketing & SEO Specialists are becoming high in demand today as most of our offline activities are turning into digital or online. It’s not only in Malaysia but also globally where information is accessed on the internet. Contents Digital Marketing & SEO Specialist Digital marketing specialists take advantage of using online advertising. Social media …

5 Reasons Why Businesses Need Social Media As a Service

I think most of us would check online reviews before we buy, dine or watch anything these days. Consumers are getting smarter and more demanding. That means customer service is very crucial. It’s no longer about calling the hotline numbers when trying to reach for the customer service. You can simply leave a review on …